I’m very, very new and inexperienced at cosplaying, but it’s a great hobby for me. I’m only able to go to a few conventions a year, but my mom and I love making the costumes, and my dad sometimes helps me with the foam builds for my walker/wheelchair. I’m very blessed to have my family’s support in this, even though they actually never get to see the finished product in action at the con!

All upcoming cosplays/builds are tentative. You know, that whole chronic illness thing.

Upcoming Cosplays:

  • Phoenix Armor (Mass Effect) – DragonCon 2017
  • Bioshock Splicer – DragonCon 2017

Upcoming Walker/Wheelchair Builds:

  • Mako (v2.0) – DragonCon 2017

Current Cosplays

  • Idris/The Spirit of the Tardis 2.0 (AwesomeCon 2017) 
  • Eris Morn 1.0 (Destiny) (AwesomeCon 2017) 
  • Agent Carter with Strategic Scientific Reserve walker (AwesomeCon 2016) 
  • Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (Halloween 2015)

Retired Cosplays:

  • FemShep (ME3 Inferno Armor) (DragonCon 2016)image
  • Observer (Fringe) (DragonCon 2015 
  • FemShep (ME2 Kestrel Armor) with Mako walker v.1.0 (DragonCon 2015) 
  • Punk Sailor Saturn (DragonCon 2015)


  • White Stag (Assateague Island, March 2016) 
  • Marsh Ghost (Assateague Island, March 2016) (photo by Brandie Yalniz) 
  • Dawn Queen (Assateague Island, March 2016) (photo by Brandie Yalniz)